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How to get rich telling stories

How to get rich telling stories

I design systems that compound wealth.

These systems are powered by, and designed to grow, the following:

  1. Content
  2. Audiences
  3. Money

Stories help you connect to an idea. Systems are how you compound those connections.

Why my systems are so simple

My systems are designed with minimum requirements and maximum scalability in mind. That means they're simple to use, but easy to build upon.

Systems begin as a minimum-viable attempt to repeatedly test something—usually a best guess for meeting a goal. Once proven, these systems become guidelines, templates, or process.

These systems are designed to:

  • reduce effort (i.e. save 80-90% of repeatable work)
  • reuse assets (i.e. digital assets have endless utility)
  • compound in value (i.e. the more you use them, the better they work)

Simple systems are memetic and easy to employ (i.e. they can go viral). As a result:

  1. You and your team can easily use and re-use them
  2. Audience and customers can intuitively understand and use them

The simpler something is, the easier it is to use. And the more these systems are used, the more value they create.

How my systems are used

My systems are usually used to grow:

  1. Audiences
  2. Understanding
  3. Profit

My stories

make people want to learn more and keep reading. The good ones make people care.

How storytelling creates wealth

I use storytelling to develop understanding and personality, creating a connection between an audience and their experience. The more my stories are told, the more powerful this connection becomes. This connection is used to:

  • Sell your idea
  • Grow your audience
  • Build trust in your brand

Over time, my stories create a compounding competitive advantage for my clients.

How I sell my stories

I help clients discover and tell their story. Then I provide the simple systems for telling and retelling your story at scale.

  1. I define your story (in a way that resonates with your audience)
  2. I give you systems for telling that story (in a way that reaches millions)

I provide these stories and systems so that they can be used and understood without me. They’re powered by your existing resources and guided by your goals.

Where you can see my systems

My work is most visible in the brands, products, and businesses I've helped create.

Want to work with me?

I’m pretty picky about who I work with, but I’m always eager to help if I can. 

Here's who I like to work with:

Artists and creators trying to monetize their craft to help support it. (0-10% my usual fee.)

Brands and products trying something novel. (100% fee via retainer or 2-4 week milestone-based project)

Business and governance tied to emerging technology and it's practical application. (fee per client; open to advisory positions)

Regardless, I'm always eager to hear what you're working on. Tweet or email me to tell me all about it.