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Who I work with and how I help

I grow ideas and their audiences by figuring out how to tell, and then sell, the story behind your idea.
Who I work with and how I help

I'm a writer who catalyzes new products and media. That usually means figuring out why something could matter, and then making that happen.

For roughly two decades, my work in emerging media and technology has:

To date, my projects have...

  • reached millions of first-time users
  • attracted tens-of-millions in investment
  • generated billions of dollars in business value

I tell stories that sell ideas.

Growing ideas and their audiences means figuring out how to tell, and then sell, the story behind your idea.

"Idea" can be anything from intellectual property to an emergency services app for dogs. Whatever it is you're creating, I can:

  • define, refine, and grow your idea's value; ("what is x and how much is it worth?")
  • define, engage, and cultivate your idea's audience; ("who uses x? who should use x?")
  • define and action a plan for your idea's success. ("how do we effectively sell x?")

I work directly with founders to ensure the effective implementation of our work together. (My work can support every aspect of a business and engage with every vertical of your business, but I avoid direct-code contributions.)

Want to work with me?

I’m pretty picky about who I work with, but I’m always eager to help if I can. 

Here's who I like to work with:

Artists and creators trying to monetize their craft to help support it. (0-10% my usual fee.)

Brands and products trying something novel. (100% fee via retainer or 2-4 week milestone-based project)

Business and governance tied to emerging technology and it's practical application. (fee per client; open to advisory positions)

Regardless, I'm always eager to hear what you're working on. Tweet or email me to tell me all about it.